installing swtChart RCP/SWT- java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.swtchart.Chart

I need your help. I want to add the swtChart to my RCP project but it´s not working! I understood that I have to add the org.swtchart_0.9.0.v20140219 to my lib folder and then configure it in built path, in fact, I can see that the code is compiling and I can see the class Chart in org.swtchart, so I don´t understand why the error message is "java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.swtchart.Chart". Are there something else to do when installing an external plugin. Sorry I`m new in RCP/SWT. Thanks a lot!


Just adding a jar to the Java Build Path is not correct for an Eclipse plugin.

The swtchart jar is an Eclipse plugin so for an RCP you should add the swtchart plugin to your Target Platform and make your plugin depend on the swtchart plugin.

You should then include the swtchart plugin in the plugins that are included in the RCP build (if you are using a .product file this means including the swtchart plugin in the Dependencies)

You can also just use swtchart as a jar in your plugin. In this case you must use the MANIFEST.MF editor to add the jar to the plugin Classpath (on the Runtime tab). You must also include the jar in the build - the Build tab of the manifest editor.

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