Filesystem-based web content

I plan to pull my Java web apps's content from a filesystem, for the sake of simplicity of editing. These files will be most probably only a text in a simple markup like JTexy or Markdown.

What I plan to implement is a tree-like structure keeping the content of the files. It should be cached and eventually should handle authorization.

I am looking for a simple-to-use thing, not a full-blown CMS like OpenCMS, but if it provides a simple api to access the content and can keep it's dependencies small, the other stuff like thick client content editors is a bonus.

Perhaps something from this list:

What would you recommend?

Thanks, Ondra


Why not use a simple Apache webserver with a (f)cgi perl script to convert the markdown and a mod_proxy to cache the results.

Beeautiful in its simplicity!

If you do not intend to reinvent wheels then you should probably use a CMS.

As you write OpenCms is a full-blown CMS", but it also should be "simple-to-use" in your context.

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