How to write regex which returns only "I", followed by "J" or "V", and then between 1 and 3 numbers?

Need to an expression that returns only things with an "I" followed by either a "J" or a "V" (No Quotes) and then a minimum of 1 number up to 3 numbers.

I J### I V### I J## I V## I J# I v#


Depends on your flavor


Do you also need a space after an "I"?

I (J|V)[0-9]{1,3}

Your description does not match your example, and there are some idiomatic things that you'll need to take care of (case insensitivity, that depends on the regex engine)

I [JV]\d{1,3}

This will match

  • I J1
  • I J12
  • I J123
  • I V1
  • I V12
  • I V123


  • I 1
  • I 12
  • I 123

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