Call a java class from perl

I would like to call a java class from perl. I usually use the java class from command line to do some processing like:

java com.something.some

Now, I need to call it from inside a perl script.

Could you let me know how I can do it?


This is simple enough - you just use the system command to execute an arbitrary command line, e.g.

system("java com.something.Some")

The Java library lets you to easily integrate Java calls in Perl code.


use Java;
$java = new Java;
$obj = $java->create_object("","constructor parameter");
$obj->myMethod("method parameter");

Inline::Java is a well known module for Java/Perl integration. It simplifies embedding Java in Perl code as well as the converse: embedding Perl into Java.

View the Cpan perldoc for more information on how to use this module.

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