UnboundLocalError when using str() in python

I experience a strange issue!

In my python code I have the following line:

tmpstr = str(tx_execution)
listOfSteps[i] += ' AvgTime:' + tmpstr + 'sec.;'

But on execution i got:

File "/storage/share/test_main.py", line xxxx, in runStep
    tmpstr = str(tx_execution)
UnboundLocalError: local variable 'str' referenced before assignment

Any clue what could cause this?

I am using in other parts of my pyhton code the command str(), which is working fine!

Thanks for your time!


One solution is: to change the line listOfSteps[i] += ... to:

listOfSteps[i] = listOfSteps[i] + ' AvgTime:' + tmpstr + 'sec.;'

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