How do I design for mobile in Dreamwaver while coding in the same css where I have my Desktop code?

To which part does my layout answer and how can I change it? I have tried changing the screen size in the Dw Design page but I don't think it's responding.


you need Dreavweaver CC to design for mobile, although its not necessary

just use this guide in your css file and add the css for each device

    /* Smartphones (portrait and landscape) ----------- */
    @media only screen and (min-device-width : 320px) and (max-device-width : 480px) {
    /* Styles */

/* iPads (portrait and landscape) ----------- */
@media only screen and (min-device-width : 768px) and (max-device-width : 1024px) {
/* Styles */

/* Desktops and laptops ----------- */
@media only screen  and (min-width : 1224px) {
/* Styles */

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