In Mongoose, how do you find an array of objects where an object has a specific key/value?

In the Mongoose model Person, there is an array of objects called matches.

matches looks like

            "$oid": "558ced061d35bd072e7b5825"
            "$oid": "558ced061d35bd072e7b58a0"
            "$oid": "558ced061d35bd072e7b58c6"

I want to create a query that finds a Person who has the ID in his matches array.

The problem is that the query for matches only seems to work for arrays of strings, like

models.Person.find({matches: 558ced061d35bd072e7b58c6})

but not for arrays of objects that contain string values.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this?


You can cast the string to ObjectId and use that in your query as follows:

var mongoose = require("mongoose"),
    person_id  = mongoose.Types.ObjectId("558ced061d35bd072e7b58c6");

models.Person.find({ "matches": person_id }).exec(callback);

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