Tablesorter does not sorting on initial page load

I have implemented client side sorting for the gridview using Jquery TableSorter. But when my page the page loads for the first time, it is not displaying in the sorted order. I have to click on the header to display in the ascending order. I’m allowing sortable option on only 2nd column. Implemented with SortList

                sortList: [2, 0],
                headers: {        
                    0: { sorter: false },
                    1: { sorter: false },
                    3: { sorter: false },
                    4: { sorter: false }

I'm getting this error:

JavaScript runtime error: Unable to set property 'count' of undefined or null reference

Can someone please suggest mw how to solve this. Thanks!


I can't tell which version of tablesorter you are using, but the sortList option* needs to be set with an array of arrays (demo):

    sortList: [ [0,0], [1,1] ]

* The sortList link is to my fork of tablesorter, but the option setting is the same for both the original and the fork.

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