How to use SOLR in ASP.NET Web application (3.5 Framework)? Please describe best way to do it

I want to use SOLR search platform from the Apache Lucene project in my ASP.NET web application.

The basic purpose is to utilise SOLR for search from database for my entity related property.

Let me be specific.

I have three tables in Database and all of them have 7-10 columns with thousands of data.

E.g Table #1 TBLEmployee (Containes refernce from TBLEmployeMentType,TBLEmployeeDept) and Table #2 EmploymentType and Table #3 is TBLEmployeeDept.

In short two tables are reffered in one table. And all of them are having too many data.

Now I want to utilise SOLR for purpose of search based on employee name, emailid, employementtype etc.

Please suggest way to do it, as my client want me to use it rather than database Stored Procedures.

P.S :- if you have any doubt in my question please ping me on post so that i can explain in details.


How can i use SOLR in my .NET application?

Solr has a HTTP interface, so you can use it by issuing HTTP requests against it. You can do this with HttpWebRequest, or using SolrNet or SolrSharp.

my client want me to use it rather than database Stored Procedures.

Solr is not a relational database, it's not meant to replace a relational database, it's meant to be used as a full-text search engine. For some applications you can use Solr instead of a relational database but you need to understand that they're not the same thing at all.

I have three tables in Database and...

Here are some articles on designing a Solr schema and mapping a database to Solr:

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