wagon-git and Gradle

This nice little tool promise help me upload artifacts up to a private Bitbucket repo.


I am having troubles using this guide in my Gradle build...

I've found this short and limited example, https://github.com/UniconLabs/ssl-utils/blob/master/build.gradle

Most unclear for me is this section about how to prepare the settings.xml inside my maven home. Am I supposed to use my .gradle folder instead since I work with Gradle?

Bitbucket Private Repositories

Proceed the same way, but add basic authentication in your Maven settings.xml (usually located at your $MAVEN_HOME directory, check out http://maven.apache.org/settings.html for a full guide).



Easiest thing to do is go to your ~/.gradle/gradle.properties file, and add the following two lines:

yourbitbucketusername = [bitbucket username]
yourbitbucketpassword  = [bitbucket password]

Then you can add the following in your build.gradle:

uploadArchives {
    repositories {
        mavenDeployer {
        repository(url: "repo url") {
        authentication(userName: yourbitbucketusername, 
                password: yourbitbucketpassword)

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