[__NSArrayI length]: unrecognized selector sent to instance when moving through views


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Object for key kMotivo is NSArray in your code. You are assigning it to NSString property and afterward to UILabel text property. UILabel tries to call length on NSArray and crash with an exception.

Something like following will work:

NSArray *motives = [reasonsDictionary objectForKey:kMotivo];
if (motives != nil && motives.count > 0) {
  int random = arc4random_uniform(motives.count);
  _reasonsMotivo = motives[random];

Code above will take first available motive from array and will assign it to a _reasonsMotivo. It should be inserted instead of following code line:

_reasonsMotivo = [reasonsDictionary objectForKey:kMotivo];

instead of:

kMotivo: @[@"Por que sim",@"Por que demais",@"Por que muito",@"Por que foda",@"Por que top",@"Por que demasiado"]


kMotivo: [[NSArray alloc]initWithObjects:@"Chapter 1",@"Chapter 2",@"Chapter 3",@"Chapter 4",@"Chapter 5",nil]

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