how to render multiple views with their models from ajax calls in backbone

Hey everybody¡ I'm trying to paint a screen with multiple models and associated views in backbone. For this, I have respestive ajax calls to the server, to get data for this vies. First I considered that the solution could be the jquery function $when(ajaxcall1,ajaxcall2)done(function) , but ....

getFById: function (id, context, success, error) {
        data: {
            id: id
    }).success(function () {
    }).error(function () {
parse function data
parse: function (response) {
    response.pedidosEntrega = new App.PedidosbookingCollection(response.datosPedidosbookingDto);
    response.cabeceraBookingDto = response.cabeceraBookingDto;
    return response;
getFByBooking: function (idBooking, context) {
    return $.ajax({
        async: true,
        context: context,
        cache: false,
        type: 'GET',
        dataType: 'json',
        contentType: 'application/json',
        data: {
            id: idBooking
        url: this.datosPorFUrl,

And in my router.js have the calls to render the views.

$.when(this.model.getFById(idBooking, idFactura, this),
    .done(_.bind(function (modelBooking, facturasCandidatas) {
    }, this));

The problem is that the function parse in model 1 is asyncronous whith this multiple call, and dont execute in $when sentence. How can do to sincronyze the ajax calls with parse function?

I know that it isnt the best solution for backbone. Could someone tell me a better solution for implements it in this tecnology?

thanks everyone¡¡


First, pass a success (and error?) callback to the getFByBooking function, to align the interface with the model's getFById function. That way, you can treat them both in the same manner:

getFByBooking : function(idBooking, context, success /*, error*/) {
        // ...
        success: success

Now, in your router, you can pass the same success callback to them both, but keep it from being called on the first response. You could harness the power of underscore's/lodash's _.after here:

var success = _.bind(function (modelBooking, facturasCandidatas) {
}, this);

// let's tell it to only be invoked on the second call
success = _.after(success, 2);

this.model.getFById(idBooking, idFactura, success /*, error*/);
this.collectionF1Candidatas.getFByBooking(idBooking, idFactura, success /*, error*/);

I don't know if ECMA 6 is available on your client, but if so, you can also use generators to accomplish the same thing, with more elegance. Here's a video that makes it clear as day.

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