Error trying to compile latex document. Where can I find the file "report output*"?


I am trying to compile a LaTeX document that has been compiled before, but now for some reason it just won't go through. The error message I am getting is not very informative, and I can't even find the file it is pointing to.

The details: I am using Aquamacs, and when I try to compile the document the mini-buffer displays the following message:

When I press C-c ` this is what I get:

--- TeX said --- \Hy@AtBeginDocument ->\ltx@LocalAppendToMacro \Hy@AtBeginDocumentHook l.735 ...r\Hy@AtBeginDocument\expandafter{\Hy@temp } --- HELP --- TeX encountered an unknown command name. You probably misspelled the name. If this message occurs when a LaTeX command is being processed, the command is probably in the wrong place---for example, the error can be produced by an \item command that's not inside a list-making environment. The error can also be caused by a missing \documentclass command.

The problem is, I can't even find this file referred to in the mini-buffer (report output*) - believe me, it is not in the directory they say it is. My LaTeX document has only 191 lines, and the error supposedly is on line 735.

I have checked the whole document looking for something that could be wrong, but I haven't been able to find anything.

It might not have anything to do with this, but earlier today I was rearranging my whole .emacs file and I might have done something which interferes with auctex or latex, but I tried compiling another file and it worked.

Thanks :)


Try making a clean compile of the document outside of emacs (i.e., just run the latex command from a terminal) and see what happens. The log file will be in the current directory. Also, it will run latex in interactive mode, so you'll have a better idea of what went wrong.

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