Firefox Add-On Development - Add Item to Right Click on Tab

I had an idea for an add on that would require me to add an item/menu-item to a tab when someone right clicks on it. How would I implement this? I have no Firefox Add-On experience and I just had an idea that is simple, yet I thought would be cool.


Use window.document.getElementById("tabContextMenu") to manipulate tab's menu.

Here is code of New Tab in Tab Context Menu

let _ = require("l10n").get;
let winUtils = require("window-utils");
let { isBrowser } = require("api-utils/window/utils");
var delegate = {
    onTrack: function (window) {
        if (isBrowser(window) ){
          let menu = window.document.getElementById("tabContextMenu");
          let newtab = window.document.createElementNS("","menuitem");
          newtab.setAttribute("id", "contexttab-newtab");
          newtab.setAttribute("label", _("newtab_string"));
          newtab.setAttribute("accesskey", _("newtabaccesskey_string"));
          newtab.setAttribute("oncommand", "BrowserOpenTab();");
          menu.insertBefore(newtab, menu.firstChild);
       } // End isBrowser
    }  // End ontrack
} // End delegate function

let tracker = new winUtils.WindowTracker(delegate);

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