Perl preprocessor appended to other variable

I am trying to write following code, where I want $varPRE1 to be $var1 and $varPRE2 to be $var2 after preprocessor is evaluated, but it is not working. Is there a work around?

#define PRE1 1
#define PRE2 2

my $var1 = 10;
my $var2 = 20;

print $varPRE1;
print $varPRE2;


What you wrote doesn't make sense even for the C preprocessor, since varPRE1 would get parsed as one token.

What you want to do is sort of possible, using what are called symbolic references, but it is a bad idea.

$PRE1 = '1';
$PRE2 = '2';
$var1 = 10;
$var2 = 20;
print ${'var' . $PRE1};   #   same as print $var1 => 10
print ${'var' . $PRE2};

This will not work under use strict refs. It is also a bad idea to not use strict refs.

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