Is it possible to push data into Microsoft PowerBI from Azure SQL Database using C#

I'm working on creating a dashboard with 2 other colleagues. One of the colleagues has uploaded the data into Azure SQL Database. Essentially, I would like to use C# as a programming language and connect to the server and push the data into Power BI. Can this be achieved?


Certainly you can use C# to push data into Power BI. See the client app sample at

But my suggestion is rather than you pushing data into Power BI, consider letting Power BI query Azure SQL Database live. It's called Direct Connect:

(Thorarins posted this link above first in fairness.)

I agree with the rest of the replies that involving C# might complicate your solution. That said, have you tried the rest API for PowerBI? This will allow you to push data in real-time into your reports without the refresh constraints.

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