NSShadow set() method in iOS

In Apple's documentation for NSShadow in UIKit, they state:

An NSShadow object may be used in one of two ways. First, it may be set, like a color or a font, in which case its attributes are applied to all content drawn thereafter—or at least until another shadow is applied or a previous graphics state is restored.

But NSShadow does not appear to have a set() method, at least with UIKit. Am I missing something, or is this a mistake on Apple's part (possible due to being copied verbatim from the AppKit Mac OS X NSShadow documentation)?

Is there any way to achieve the set() behaviour, or are NSAttributedStrings the only thing NSShadow is useful for in UIKit?


Is there any way to achieve the set() behaviour

Not with NSShadow. Keep in mind, though, that all UIKit drawing is just a convenience for using CoreGraphics directly, which is where all the real action is anyway. Thus, for drawing in general, call CGContextSetShadow.

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