class cannot be found

We are trying to invoke ant using maven in an osb project

And we are getting the below error

taskdef class cannot be found

================= Below is build XML

<property environment="env" /> 
<property name="mw.home" location="${env.MW_HOME}"/> 
<property name="wl.home" location="${env.WL_HOME}"/> 
<property name="osb.home" location="${env.OSB_HOME}"/> 
            <property name="settingsFile" location="D:\osb_ant\settings.xml"/> 

<taskdef name="configjar" 

<target name="init">
   <property name="task.debug" value="false" /> 
   <property name="task.failonerror" value="true" /> 
   <property name="task.errorproperty" value="" /> 


<target name="run" depends="init">

   <fail unless="settingsFile"/>

   <configjar debug="${task.debug}" 
              settingsFile="${settingsFile}" />


You have specified mw.home, wl.home and osb.home based on environment variables MW_HOME, WL_HOME and OSB_HOME. Are those actually set?

try calling $WL_HOME/server/bin/ (or equivalent) before running ant.

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