Matplotlib contourplot fails when no contour exists

I use the cookbook example frin to make contourplots. However some of my data may just contain zeros, in which case I get an ValueError:zero-size array to reduction operation minimum which has no identity.

import numpy as np
from scipy.interpolate import griddata
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from numpy.random import uniform, seed

# make up some randomly distributed data
npts = 200
x = uniform(-2,2,npts)
y = uniform(-2,2,npts)
z = 0*x*np.exp(-x**2-y**2) #Here i multiply by zero
# define grid.
xi = np.linspace(-2.1,2.1,100)
yi = np.linspace(-2.1,2.1,100)
# grid the data.
zi = griddata((x, y), z, (xi[None,:], yi[:,None]), method='cubic')

#zi[0][0]=0.00001 would make everything ok again
# do the plotting and save the result
CS = plt.contour(xi, yi, zi)

Is there an elegant way to deal with this? Is this worthy of a ticket in matplotlib?


Why not just catch the exception, ie:

    CS = plt.contour(xi, yi, zi)
except ValueError:
    print("Can't plot this data")

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