How to pass string indexes for OleVariant

I'm converting the following example code to Delphi:

My code is something like:

  vTable, vRow: OleVariant;

  while vTable.EndOfTable = False do
    vRow := vTable.GetNextRow;
    sEmail := vRow['Email1Address'];

The problem is that I need to pass a string index, 'Email1Address', but Delphi gives the error: Incompatible types: Integer and string.

Should I be using a different type of variant?



I've taken a look at the Outlook unit generated from a TLB file and it looks like this:

_Row = interface(IDispatch)
    function Item(Index: OleVariant): OleVariant; safecall;

The Row interface has a method Item, which takes an OleVariant. So use this:

sEmail := vRow.Item('Email1Address');

Also take a look at the MSDN help.

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