WordPress Customized Theme White Background Issue

Ok, So I have customized a Twenty Fourteen theme from WordPress. Everything works find minus a couple things. The top header shows a white background if its stretched. The footer also shows a white background if its stretched. The funny thing is there is no white background in the css code? I have even looked in the functions.php to see if it was hard coded issue and nothing. I tried to inspect the element and all it says it shows up before and after? I tried adding background: none; to all the before and after codes and still shows up. Does anyone have a clue I have linked the site I am developing on.

Website: http://www.soslidesigns.com/flh

If worst comes to worst I can simply re-design it and I have a feeling I might have to. Would be nice to get your guys feedback. Like I said I have tried everything I could think of simple issues like this always through me in a loop.

Thanks in advanced.


Your white background write here in body (background:none). This set white background to all site. If you need set another color to header - change background in .site (in this file)

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