Byte-array to float using bitwise shifting instead of BitConverter

I'm receiving byte-arrays containing float variables (32 bit). In my C# application I'd like to turn byte[] byteArray into a float using bitwise shifting (because it's a lot faster than BitConverter).

Turning a byte-array into a short works like this:

short shortVal = (short)((short)inputBuffer [i++] << 8 | inputBuffer [i++]);

How do I do this for float-variables?


Let's gut the BCL and use its intestines for our purposes:

    unsafe public static float ToSingle (byte[] value, int startIndex)
        int val = ToInt32(value, startIndex);
        return *(float*)&val;

You can implement ToInt32 using bit shifting.

If you don't need endianness behavior a single unsafe access can give you the float (assuming it's aligned).

Alternatively, you can use a union struct to convert an int to a float.

To get away from C# conventional methods and obtain fast performance, you'll most likely have to implement "unsafe" behavior. You could do something like the C style memory copy.

unsafe public static void MemoryCopy (void* memFrom, void* memTo, int size) {
    byte* pFrom = (byte*)memFrom;
    byte* pTo = (byte*)memTo;
    while (size-- >= 0)
        *pTo++ = *pFrom++;

This assumes that the float's endianness is the same going into the byte[] as it on the other end.

To use this you'll have to first fix the byte array since the runtime can move it anytime it wants during garbage collection. Something like this:

float f;

unsafe {
    fixed (byte* ptr = byteArray) {
        MemoryCopy (ptr, &f, sizeof(float));

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