Replace part of an image url in ASP.NET using JQuery

I have a script which translates an image url to a path and works fine for an image fade on primary node navigation. The script below gives me:


Once I navigate one node deeper it adds the application path to the url and the function fails:



$(function ()  {
   $('img.fade').each(function ()  {
    var $$ = $(this);
    var target = $$.css('background-image').replace(/^url|["]|[\)\(]/g, '');
    $$.wrap('<span style="position:relative;"></span>')
     .parent() // span elements
     .find('img:first') // selector now new image
     .attr('src', target);
     'position': 'absolute',
     'left': 0,
     'top': this.offsetTop
    $$.hover(function () {
      opacity: 0
     }, 250);
    }, function ()  {
      opacity: 1
     }, 250);


<img class="fade" runat="server" src="~/App_Themes/main/images/Beers-Color.jpg" style="background-image: url('../Bar/App_Themes/main/images/Beers-Faded.gif');" />`

Can you help me find the part of the code which I change to accommodate for the sitemap navigation? My site will only ever go three levels deep.

Many thanks,



Ok so I got to the solution with the help of 'OReilly - Regular Expressions Cookbook' page 41. 'Match whole words'

The following code doesn't look for the second occurance but just the first without looking further in the path.. (I think). I just added \/\bbar\b.

var target = $$.css('background-image').replace(/^url|["]|\b(\w+)\s+\1\b|\/\bbar\b|[\)\(]/g, '');

Hope this helps anyone else who runs into the same problem.

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