Shell Script to check if writing has finished before SCP

I am writing a shell script on Solaris to check if the files on the Remote Host is done writing before transferring over to Local Host. I have done a skeleton, but there are certain parts I am not sure on how to do. I did a little reading on the commands to check file size, it is stat -c %s LogFiles.txt but I am not sure as to how to check it over in the Remote Host.

# Get File Size on Remote Host

sleep 5

# Get File Size on Remote Host Again


#Loop 5 times
for i in {1..5}
    if [ "$INITIALSIZE" -ne "$LATESTSIZE"]
        sleep 5
        # Get File Size on Remote Host
        scp -P 22 $id@$ip:$srcpath/\*.txt $destpath 


Assuming that your measurement for 'done' is "file size constant for 5 sec", you can simply use ssh as follows:

ssh user@remote.machine "command to execute"

this can be piped or set as variable on the local machine e.g. in your case:

latestsize=$( ssh user@remote.machine "<sizedeterminer> <file>" )

Passwordless login of course would skip the askpass problem. See point 3.3 in this manual or an example here.

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