How to port WPF desktop application to web application?

I have a WPF desktop application (using the Prism library) that communicates directly with an SQL Server in Azure. I would like to make this application easily accessible by users in my domain (not necessarily on the same network) without the need to install the MSI. What would be the best way to achieve this?

Preferably, the solution should work in Windows 7 and later and/or in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox.

Should I try converting the application to ASP.NET and run in IIS or is there a better alternative? I've heard of xbap but not sure it's suitable for my needs.


Hope this helps:

WPF app into ASP

Having worked with both WPF and ASP.NET, I don't think you can just "convert" one into the other. Maybe some of the code (such as your Azure server communication feature) can be shared using assemblies, but you would still have to rewrite some (most) of it.

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