How to replace without overwriting

I've got a list of words I'm using for writing a game:

words[0[0] = 'INCREDIBLE'
words[0[1] = 'SUPERB'
words[0[2] = 'SUBLIME'
words[0[3] = 'PHENOMENAL'
words[0[4] = 'BLITZKRIEG'

words[1[0] = 'EXCELLENT'
words[1[1] = 'BOFFO'
words[1[2] = 'SMASH'
words[1[3] = 'SUPREME'
words[1[4] = 'OUTSTANDING'

I want to make this into a 2d array by replacing the second '[' with ','

Obviously I can do this manually in no time at all. Nevertheless it's something I'd very much like to learn how to do with regex and notepad++. How would I identify the second '[' and then replace it without changing the adjoining numbers?

Currently I use \d+[\d+ to find it.


Just use this:

Find what: (\[\d+)\[ Replace with: $1,

If all or most [ are are in the same column, you can also use Alt to select the whole column via mouse and just enter ' to replace it in the whole marked range.

Try to replace (^words\[\d+)\[ by $1,

I used lookbehind (?<=\d)[

Lookahead and lookbehind are two very neat (and seemingly necessary) regex features.

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