Wordpress: Where to locate the permalink in the database

Someone from our team change the permalink of a page to http://www.example.com/ so this is now the homepage. My problem is I need to change the homepage, but whenever I create a home.php file it is not executing but rather "that" page.

I tried to change the permalink in the admin panel but it doesn't give me an option to do so. Then I tried to change it in the database but I can't locate it. Also tried changing the id or the guid and change the page_id in the wp_post tables but now whenever I go to the homepage it redirects me to google search result. So I guess deleting the page will have the same result. Lastly I change the post_type attribute to post, but it is still goes to the homepage.



I think someone's made changes to the reading settings - is Front page displays set as Your latest posts?

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