how to increase the counter by one

I do not understand what is wrong with me, I believe that the request to the correct database. I am trying to increase the counter by one views, while post_id and hosts simply rewritten or left unchanged

when the user selects a specific post views counter shall be increased by one, and another counter hosts remain unchanged.

$current_ip = $wpdb->get_row( $wpdb->prepare("select * from ".$wpdb->prefix."views_date where ip_address='$ip'"));

if($current_ip == '1') {

      'post_id' =>$id,
      'views'=>'views'+1 //not increased by one


"post_id INT(11) NOT NULL, hosts INT(11) NOT NULL, views INT(11) NOT NULL"


Try this: 'views'=> views+1

This is likely failing because if($current_ip == '1') will not be equal to 1.

$current_ip is the results of the complete row of data from the database, so you need to get the data from the IP column, something like:

while($row = $current_ip->fetch_assoc()){ 
    $ip_value_from_database = $row["ip_address"];

if($ip_value_from_database == '1') {
    //update query

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