Howto clone/copy/mirror a jquery tab

How can i make jquery tabs, with exactly the same tabs on top AND bottom of the content?

So these 2 tabs combined, and MIRRORing eachother:


This is a total hack of jQuery tabs, but I couldn't think of any other way to to this easily. You only have to put the style on the cloned tabs. You can check out a live example here.

The hacked JavaScript code is as follows:

$(function() {

        var myTabs = $("#tabs").tabs();
        var x = $('.ui-tabs-nav').clone().addClass('mySecondTabs');


            select: function(event, ui) 
                index = ui.index;
                x = $('.mySecondTabs').children('li:nth-child('+(parseInt(index)+1)+')');

        $('.mySecondTabs').children('li').click(function () 
            $('#tabs').tabs("select", $('.mySecondTabs').children('li').index(this));


It`s very simple:

   $('#tabs').tabs( "option", "active", 1 ); //open the second tab [0,1,2...]

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