How do I search through a folder for the filename that matches a regular expression using Python?

I am having some difficulty writing a function that will search through a directory for a file that matches a specific regular expression (which I have compiled using 're.compile'). So my question is: How do I search through a directory (I plan to use os.walk) for a file that matches a specific regular expression? An example would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


This will find all files starting with two digits and ending in gif, you can add the files into a global list, if you wish:

import re
import os
r = re.compile(r'\d{2}.+gif$')
for root, dirs, files in os.walk('/home/vinko'):
  l = [os.path.join(root,x) for x in files if r.match(x)]
  if l: print l #Or append to a global list, whatever

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