Is there an inverse of System.Diagnostics.ConditionalAttribute?

Is there an analogous conditional-not-present attribute or maybe a way to use the Conditional attribute to only include a method if that symbol is not defined?

What I'm looking for is something that works like this:

private void DoStuffThatSilverlightCant() {...}

Such that the method will not be included if the symbol SILVERLIGHT does exist.

The reason I don't want to use a simple #ifdef is so that I can take advantage of the compiler removing the calling statements without having to wrap every individual call in an #ifdef.


Update: The following code snippet only works if the #if is in every calling file which is not very practical.


private void DoStuffThatSilverlightCant() {...}

What could be done however, is to have a build configuration for whatever platform you are using that will /define the needed symbol (NOT_SILVERLIGHT in that case).

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