Access MySettings from other Project in Solution

Is it possible to access the My.Settings of an other DLL referenced in the current Project? I have a Database project in which Settings the ConnectionString is stored. I need access to this Setting in an other Project(for Log-File).


I have helped myself by a class in the Database-Project which has a function getAppSetting:

Public NotInheritable Class Helper
   Private Sub New()
   End Sub

   Public Shared Function getAppSetting(ByVal key As String) As String
       Dim returnValue As Object = My.Settings(key)
       If returnValue Is Nothing Then
           Return String.Empty
           Return returnValue.ToString
       End If
   End Function
End Class

I can call this function from my other project to get f.e. the ConnectionString.

Have you tried looking at something like the System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager, I know it works for web apps, not sure about database projects.

Then you could get your connection string with a command like:


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