Stripping all but specified debug information from executable

I'm developing a shared library for Linux that spawns some threads I want to label in the debugger.

I've read this can be done by writing to /proc/[PID]/tasks/[TID]/comm, but this isn't working (I'm targeting an older libc). I also want to be able to assign names longer than the comm limit.

My plan was to auto-load a Python script to do this by placing it in the .debug_gdb_scripts section.

However I want to strip debug information besides the script and what it needs. I've tried using the --keep-symbol option but all of the debug sections (include .debug_gdb_scripts) are still removed.

Is there some way to keep these?


One idea that comes to mind is to strip your program first, and then add the .debug_gdb_scripts afterwards, using objcopy.

Another way might be to put .debug_gdb_scripts inside the mini debug section. I think this should work ok, though it is a bit weird -- I think the first approach is more sound.

Yet another option is to just do the standard thing and strip all the debuginfo to a separate debuginfo file, which you would then use when debugging. However from your question I assume there is some reason you don't want to do this.

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