Regex to find strings with only letters or numbers or both

I am searching for strings with only letters or numbers or both. How could I write a regex for that?


You can use following regex to check if the string contains letters and/or numbers



  1. ^: Starts with
  2. []: Character class
  3. a-zA-Z: Matches any alphabet
  4. 0-9: Matches any number
  5. +: Matches previous characters one or more time
  6. $: Ends with

RegEx101 Demo

"abc&@*(2743438" !~ /[^a-z0-9]/i # => false
"abc2743438"     !~ /[^a-z0-9]/i # => true

This example let to avoid multiline anchors use (^ or $) (which may present a security risk) so it's better to use \A and \z, or to add the :multiline => true option in Rails. Only letters and numbers:


Or if you want to leave - and _ chars also:


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