Accidental Exclude From VisualSVN

I accidentally selected "Exclude from Subversion" from the VisualSVN menu on my VS2008 project root. I have not updated or committed so I still have both the repository and local versions available.

I need to know how to re-include the excluded project.


VisualSVN should have functionality to allow you to revert changes. If you do this from your project root, you should be able to undo the exclusion.

All that the "Exclude from Subversion" selection should have done was update the property svn:ignore on the directory in question (you can verify this by checking for modifications on your project). Reverting that specific change should correct the problem.

Hope this helps!

Revert the project file using subversion.

(Flippant comments above aside) The ignored files and folders are listed in the svn:ignore property of the parent folder. I don't know much about VisualSVN, but you should be able to edit that property through its interface; or at least you should be able to do it through the command line svn.exe.

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