Firefox focus() sets the focus and blurs immediately

I have a <span class="numbers"> and this code for on Click, it creates a new <input class="number_input"> field and sets the focus on it:

            $('body').on('click','.numbers', function () {
                oldNumbersValue = $(this).html();
                var input = $('<input />', {'style':'font-size:30pt','type': 'number','class':'number_input', 'name': 'aname', 'value': oldNumbersValue});

When the field loses the focus, it will be removed:

 $('body').on('blur', '.number_input',function () {
// do something

This works in Chrome but not in Firefox! In Firefox it creates the field, sets the focus on it and loses it immediately!

Any solutions?


working in chorme/not working in ff fiddle:


The problem here is that (for a reason I'm not 100% sure of), Firefox is triggering the blur event on .number_input after the element has been appended to the document, but before your focus() actually calls.

You can see this happening in Firefox with this JSFiddle demo - note the order of the messages indicating when focus is set and lost on .number_input.

One way you could modify the code is to not use event delegation, and rather attach the blur handler directly to .number_input:

$('body').on('click', '.numbers', function (e) {
    oldNumbersValue = $(this).text();
    var input = $('<input />', {
        'style': 'font-size:30pt',
        'type': 'number',
        'class': 'number_input',
        'name': 'aname',
        'value': oldNumbersValue


Here's a working JSFiddle to demonstrate. (Don't worry about any potential memory leakage due to constantly adding new event handlers - the jQuery docs indicate that .remove() should erase those each time.)

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

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