#Sequelize while adding retrieve all attributes

I would like to find a way to retrieve all my attributes while inserting in my Database.

        return next(assoAdded);
        // # TODO : implement error Handler
        return next(err);

I got this :

   "idAssoParente": null,
   "id": 420,
   "name": "a",
   "email": "aa@aa.aa",       
   "updated_at": "2015-07-29T17:12:47.000Z",
   "created_at": "2015-07-29T17:12:47.000Z"

But I want to return all my fields like description , phone , city from my database even if they are empty. Should I necessarily do a find after adding to get all my fields or does it exist a way to retrieve my fields without doing an other request ? Thanks


In short, yes you would need to query your db to return the info. I just started using Sequelize but I found the following worked for me.

// if all the info you need is in your user  
               Users.find({where: {UserID: newUser.UserID}}).then(function(user){
                 //resolve your promise as you please.

  // or if address info is in another model you can use eager loading.
               Users.find({where: {UserID: newUser.UserID},
                                  include: [{
                                      model: address
                 //resolve your promise as you please.

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