Is there a codeigniter auth class which allows facebook login?

Is there any codeigniter authentication class which allows to login using facebook or which is the best auth class for codeigniter?


I am not sure if the project is still in development, but the A3M (Account Authentication & Authorization) module looks like it may be a good match for you. The CI forum thread is here and the google code page is here.

Key features

  1. Signin/Signup with Facebook, Twitter and OpenID (Google, Yahoo, AOL, MySpace, Others)
  2. Traditional Sign Up, Sign In (with remember me) and Sign Out
  3. Manage Account/Profile Details (including Profile Picture)
  4. Manage Linked Accounts
  5. Forgot/Reset Password for native accounts
  6. reCAPTCHA support
  7. SSL support
  8. Language file for i18n (plus all the necessary i18n tables, country, language, ip to country, etc)
  9. Semantic XHTML views

I found this lib via CI forums, but never used it. It might be helpful.

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