how do that in str_replace

I have a guestbook, and I want to convert site address in the following [link][/link] to <a>...

So how is it do that str_replace?


str_replace is not powerful enough to do this. You can use preg_replace:

$res = preg_replace('#\\[link\\](?![^:]+script:)([^:<"\\[]+:)?([^<"\\[]+)\\[/link\\]#e',
                    "'<a href=\"'.('\\1'?'\\1':'http://').'\\2\">click here</a>'",


But it's better to use a BBCode parser.

This should do that for you:

$string = "[link][/link]";

echo preg_replace("/\[link\](.*)\[\/link\]/", "<a href='$1'>click here</a>", $string);

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