error when use ant to build android project

jarsigner: Certificate chain not found for: csi.keystore. csi.keystore must ref erence a valid KeyStore key entry containing a private key and corresponding pub lic key certificate chain..

who has idea? thanks...


This is because your building in release mode. If you build in debug mode it should work. I need to set thus up for release mode myself so let me know how you do it in release mode if you get it working

thanks Ben!

Yes,I build it in debug mode it should work.But I build it in release get error,I cannot find the reason for it.

        <!-- sign the APK -->
        <echo>Signing final apk...</echo>
        <!-- zip align the APK -->
        <echo>Running zip align on final apk...</echo>
        <exec executable="${zipalign}" failonerror="true">
            <arg value="-f" />
            <arg value="4" />
            <arg path="${out-unaligned-package}" />
            <arg path="${out-release-package}" />
        <echo>Release Package: ${out-release-package}</echo>

I had a very similar problem. The cause was that I was specifying a different keystore than the one for which I was providing the credentials. Make sure that the following properties (if you've defined them) match:

  • key.alias
  • key.alias.password

In my case, I has specified the first two in my file (that I had copied from another project assuming it only held the SDK dir) and the last two specified the correct credentials.

Hope this helps.

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