ASP.NET MVC return a different view

I have a view which contains a form, the form posts and the data gets processed etc, then I want to return the view Index, so return view("Index");

however this will then complain about my ViewData not existing, I get the feeling that the controller code under Index() isn't being processed which adds the list it requires to the ViewData, anyone know what's wrong?


edit: Apparently it's done to prevent recursion.. in which case, I'm lost as to what to do without repeating all my ViewData stuff both Controllers


I think you should have two actions: one that processes the form submission, and another one that collects data for the view. Once the form has been processed, you call return RedirectToAction("Index") and you are done. I hope I understood what you meant by this.

If your Index method on the controller does a return View("Index"); then just call the Index method with any parameters it requires. Then the method will populate the ViewData reuired by the Index View.

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