Genymotion Plugin can't show in Eclipse

Genymotion plugin download and install in my laptop and the emulater of Genymotion is properly working in Genymotion application but when i install genymotion in Eclipse IDE from Eclipse>Help>Add New Software i am add this plugin but it can't shows the Genymotion Tools for Eclipse in Eclipse..please anyone help me..Thanks in advance I can't find Genymotion Tools it says There are no Categorized items in Eclipse


Remove the checkmark Group items by category.

Uncheck following options available on the same screen while adding Genymotion plugin:

Show only latest versions of available software
Group items by category

After uncheck, Option to select Genymotion Eclipse Tools will be available.

go through this hraphic tutorial to get genymotion installed on ur system.

Btw, the url which u need to add new software is:


Have you tried the manual method?

  1. Ensure Eclipse is closed.
  2. Download the plugin from the Genymotion download page.

Follow the steps corresponding to your operating system:

  • If you have administrator rights, put the .jararchive in the Pluginsdirectory of the Eclipse installation folder.
  • Without administrator rights, put the .jararchive in the Pluginsdirectory of the Local Settings\Eclipse folder.

To start using the Genymotion plugin: Click . The following window opens:

In the Genymotion application field, browse for the Genymotion application installation directory: C:\Program Files\Genymobile\Genymotion

  1. Click Apply and OK.
  2. Click to open the Genymotion Virtual Devices Manager window:

After this I guess you know what to do...

Try to visit this link.!/developers/user-guide#installing-genymotion

Here all the genuineness regarding installing GenyMotion installation

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