Adding a method for existing type in Golang: how to rewrite return value's type

I want to extend existing goquery.Selection type with my own method and be able to use it from package's selectors. I know that I cannot "patch" existing method -- I need to create a new one. But how do I can force the existing package functions to use my new type? Something I'm missing in general or there's no "nice" way to do it and it's better to use a function?

package main

import (

type customSelection goquery.Selection

func (s *customSelection) CustomMethod() int {
    return 1

doc.Find("*").Each(func(i int, s *goquery.Selection) {
  fmt.Println(s.CustomMethod())  // does not works since its still "goquery.Selection"
  // how do I can get a result with customSelection type here? 


Since inheritance is not supported, the best practice is to embed the non-local type into your own local type, and extend it.

In the Design Patterns lingo its better known as composition:

You can use function instead of method:

func customFunc(s *goquery.Selection) int {
    return 1



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