Building a workspace (J2ME) on Eclipse 3.6.0

I am beginning work on development/maintenance of a J2ME MIDlet application that uses the Nokia N97 SDK. As a first step (I have never developed J2ME/Java applications before), I completed the following steps on Eclipse 3.6.0 Helios:

  1. Imported the project using the following step: File -> Import -> Existing Projects into Workspace Select root directory as TeleDB1 (the name of the directory that contains the files).

  2. When I click on Finish after these steps, Eclipse automatically builds my new workspace. This step is unsuccessful. I get the following errors:

    1. Errors running builder 'Preverification' on project 'TeleDB1'.
    2. org.objectweb.asm.ClassReader.accept(Lorg/object/web/asm/ClassVisitor;Z)V

This is what I have tried: 1. Right-click on the project, Properties -> Java Build Path shows the following libraries: a. org-netbeans-modules-mobility-antext.jar - missing b. J2ME Library (failed to get library information).

These are my questions: 1. How can I get this project to compile? 2. How do I resolve the errors in the Libraries/Build Path?

I think I have set up my environment for running J2ME applications correctly.


I have situation as yours, and I find the way to solve it.

Right-click on the project---->properties---->j2me---->device---->manage device,choose a device you like.

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