MKMapView reload/refresh on 3.1.2 and upwards

I know many people have had the similar issues and some have sorted them and others not. Basically I need some way to refresh the map ie get a callback to mapViewDidFinishLoading. If the location displayed has already been seen by the user it seemd the map is loaded from the cache and doesnt call mapViewDidFinishLoading which I need it to do because this fires some of my game code. Does anyone know how to do this on ios 3.1.2 and upwards? [Something along the lines of [mapView reload] (if only it were so simple).

Many thanks



I suppose the map's loading is triggered by the user dragging the map so you could use the mapView:regionDidChangeAnimated: callback and include your game code in it.

Don't know if you still need this, but I had a similar problem with viewForOverlay not being called. Actually it eventually got called, but too late for what I needed.

using the following it updated when I needed it to -

[ setVisibleMapRect:myMapRect];

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