making paint in pyqt or qt

i have just received a task to implement a software that paints over pictures (pretty much like microsoft paint ) i have no idea where to start or how to do that. do anyone have a good reference or idea for painting in qt or pyqt ?

this will be highly appreciated thanks in advance


You'll be working with the QImage class, which represents bitmap images. It has methods for changing the colour at a given pixel using setPixel. There is am Image Viewer Example provided with Qt and PyQT should come with the same example in Python. However it uses a Qlabel to display the image so you may want to use a different widget, perhaps a custom QWidget subclass. You can start with that and add functionality to detect the mouse position in the , mouse clicks, etc and change the colours.

Check out Qt painting class QPainter:

Have you looked at the scribble example included in PyQt? It does basic drawing, saving, loading, etc.

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