How do I filter a generic list in .Net2.0?

I am using 2.0 and C#.

I have a generic list,

List<EmployeeInfo> empInfoList; 

this list is loaded with the employee information. Now, I want to filter this list with the textbox value. Which is "EmploeeName".

I have to filter this list with the employeeName, and bind it to the gridview again.

I am not sure how can I do that. Please help.

Thanks in advance.


As you're using .Net2.0 you can't use LINQ, however you can use a delegate and the FindAll method:

string criteria = EmployeeName.Text.Trim().ToLower();
List<EmployeeInfo> resultList = empInfoList.FindAll(
   delegate(EmployeeInfo p)
      return p.EmployeeName.ToLower().Contains(criteria);

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