How do I get the source element in the AjaxOptions OnComplete function with MVC Ajax.BeginForm

As the title, I need something along the lines of...

using (Ajax.BeginForm("MyAction",
                        new AjaxOptions {
                            OnComplete = "function() { mySucessFunction(this); }"

    function mySucessFunction(srcElem) {

Any pointers? Thanks.


    <% using (Ajax.BeginForm("Create", 
                       new AjaxOptions { OnFailure = "Ajaxerror",
                                         OnBegin="helper_xmlRequestFormControl" ,
                                         OnComplete = "helper_xmlRequestFormSaveEnd", 
                                         UpdateTargetId = "form_customer_create" 
       { .........   %> 

   <script >
    function helper_xmlRequestFormSaveEnd(obj) {

        //obj.get_data() => server response data 
        //obj.get_request() => ajax object
        //obj.get_loadingElement()=> loading elementId 
        //obj.get_response() => Sys.Mvc.AjaxContext


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