NHibernate Named Query Not Returning All Fields

I have the following Named Query defined in Forecast.hbm.xml:

    Sum(c.NumTrees) AS NumTrees
    EcoForecasts AS f INNER JOIN 
    (EcoForecastCohorts AS c INNER JOIN EcoStrata AS s ON s.StrataKey = c.StratumKey) 
    ON f.ForecastKey = c.ForecastKey
    f.ForecastKey = :guid

I call the query in the C# file NumTreesByStrataReport.cs like this:

IList<Result> results = _input.GetNamedQuery("NumTreesByStrata")
                              .SetGuid("guid", _iSess.ForecastKey.Value)
                              .Select(result => new Result {
                                  Year     = Convert.ToInt16(result[0]),
                                  Strata   = Convert.ToString(result[1]),
                                  NumTrees = Convert.ToInt64(result[2])

return results;

However, this code throws an IndexOutOfRangeException because the .List<object[]>() part is returning a list of object arrays with only 3 elements. The s.Description field is not being returned.

If I run the SQL query in my database engine (Microsoft Access), then all 3 columns are returned. Why is NHibernate not able to do what the database can do and return all the selected fields?


I would suggest using a result to bean transformer instead, it will be much cleaner code.

return _session.GetNamedQuery("NumTreesByStrata")
    .SetGuid("guid", forecastKeyValue)

Thank you all for your help. It turns out the issue was actually with my mapping file:

    <sql-query name="NumTreesByStrata">
        <return-scalar column="ForecastedYear" type="Int16"/>
        <return-scalar column="NumTrees" type="Int64"/>
          SELECT c.ForecastedYear,

I added the missing <return-scalar column="Description" type="string"/> element to make it work.

I would suggest using a result to bean transformer instead, it will be much cleaner code.

Thanks for the suggestion Alexey, I didn't know you could do that!

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