Laravel: Return a value from App::call()

I'm going on a limb here; I'm trying to direct a long running script to Artisan. Is it possible for App::call() to return a string value or maybe even send an email once the long running script finishes?

I'm trying to look for more info on this, but is it right to assume that if Artisan is running I can redirect the user to something like a waiting page, maybe a looping gif?


Use Queue::push() with an appropriate driver (database, perhaps) to push the long-running job to a queue.

The last thing the long-running job should do is send some indication that it's finished.

Here's some sample code:

Queue::push(function($job) use ($id)
    Artisan::call('my-command', ['arg1', 'arg2']);


// Then at the end of your my-command script:
$jobModel = LongRunningJob::find($id);
$jobModel->finishedDate = Carbon::now();

Of course you can then poll the database to determine whether the long-running command has finished.

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